If you’re a homeschool parent like me, choosing the right curriculum for your child can be a daunting task. There are so many options and opinions, which can cause you to become frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed.   Being a homeschool parent is hard enough, choosing the right curriculum shouldn’t be an added problem.

“Teach to the child and not the curriculum.”

If you’ve been around me long enough, you know that this is my mantra. The curriculum you use at home should be based on your child’s learning style and needs, what fits best YOUR family, the approach (Charlotte Mason, Classical, Montessori, Eclectic, Christian, Unschooling, etc.), educational philosophy, grade level, money, and your child’s interest.

The curriculum is the guide, you are the teacher.”

The curriculum does not dictate, it guides. This year, I spent 35 dollars on curriculum.  Yes, you read that right. Having a library of assorted curriculum doesn’t make me a great teacher, it just makes me a broke mama!  I understand my children’s needs, learning styles, and goals, and I accommodate them in the classroom based on that.  Because I am an educator, I’m going to follow the standards for our state, and I’m also going to supplement.  Everything that I need is online and is free.  Here is an example of our curriculum:

Reading: http://www.engageNY.org.  The lessons plans are already done for you.  I also supplement with readtheory.org and readworks.org., and we go to the library to check out books for our literature circle.

Math: http://www.engageNY.org.  It’s FREE! The lessons plans are already written and divided into modules. I also use KhanAcademy.org, for review, which is also free.

Science/Social Studies: I usually teach reading through social studies and science.  When I’m teaching the subject separately, I use online resources. My husband is a social studies teacher, so I have everything I need in that area.  For science, I look at the standard and pull the resources off of the internet. For additional support for my middle schooler, I purchased, Everything You Need to Ace World History.

Bible: I use the word of God! I also found this free curriculum that I sometimes use as a supplement and guide.

This journey does not have to be expensive and arduous.  You already have enough on your plate. The goal is to have children that are college, career, and purpose ready, not parents who are stressed, broke, and frustrated because the curriculum that was purchased doesn’t meet the children’s needs.

This journey is more about pouring into your child than it is about you spending hundreds of dollars on something that will benefit them for one year.  Choose wisely.

Educationally Speaking,

CEO Ty, Founder


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